Established in 2013, Alesca Life is a mindful agricultural technology
company driven by collaboration, innovation and nutrition.
Our vision is to enable communities to grow fresh healthy produce
while making agriculture more efficient, transparent and accessible.
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At Alesca Life, we design products with one thing in mind: create solutions that enable anyone anywhere to grow the safest, healthiest, and freshest produce.


We farm using the highest quality non-GMO seeds across all of our global operations.

Nutrient Dense

Our vegetables are harvested moments before being served to ensure peak freshness and nutritional value.

Pesticide Free

All of our vegetables are grown in carefully controlled facilities eliminating the need for chemical pesticides.

FDA Approved

We use FDA approved food grade plastics and components to grow the safest vegetables in town.

Food Safety

We deliver nutrient and oxygen-rich water directly to the root zone to minimize contamination risk.

Water Saving

Our farms recirculate all nutrient water resulting in 90~95% water savings compared to conventional farms.

Weather Proof

Our controlled-environment farms operate 365 days a year regardless of the temperature or weather outside.

Urban Farming

Our farms are located in unused urban spaces so that we can grow close to the communities we serve.

Full Spectrum

Our custom LEDs replicate the full spectrum of the sun to ensure natural and balanced vegetable growth.

Precision Farming

We combine optimal environmental conditions with periodic natural stress to customize flavor, texture, and even nutrition.

Cloud Connected

We remotely monitor and manage our farms to minimize human error and maximize farm productivity.

Data Driven

Our farms become smarter over time making our operations more productive, efficient, and consistent as we grow.

They say it takes a village.
In our case, our dedicated team, advisers, and sponsors.

Stuart Oda

Founder & CEO

Nori Katagiri

IT & Cloud Infrastructure

Mo Alezzabi

Automation & Control

Xinxin Zhang

Grow Research

Bruce Zhang

Hardware Products

Stephen Lv

China Business Development

Janelle Liu

China Hospitality Sales

Stephen Kang

UAE Operations

Gehna Mohanani

UAE Business Development

Carol Zhou

China Admin & HR

Our Advisors

Nobu Okada

Founder & CEO of Astroscale

Joe Swartz

VP of Sales at American Hydroponics

James Lee

Board Member of Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, UK

Fahim Sultan Al Qassimi

Executive Chairman of Sharjah Government

Shaun Cawood

Director of Badger Agronomics, South Africa