Alesca Container Farm

The Alesca Container Farm is a turnkey precision farming solution for commercial scale food production. This all-in-one system is loaded with advanced monitoring, automation, and climate control capabilities.

Year Round Production

High Efficiency

Mobile & Modular
Ideal For
Food Retailers & Supermarkets
Food Processors
Real Estate Developers
Commercial Farmers
Alesca Fresh Indoor Farm

The Alesca Fresh Indoor Farm is a compact cabinet farm for on-site food production. This energy and water efficient system is fully automated and optimized for microgreen and leafy green production.

Hyper Local


Low Maintenance
Ideal For
Cafes & Restaurants
Wellness Centers
Schools & Homes
Alesca Sprout

Alesca Sprout is an environmental monitoring and automation system for hydroponic farming operations. This sensor-based control box automates dosing, irrigation, and other farm electrical equipment.

Real-Time Monitoring

Early Warnings & Alerts

Remote Control
Alesca Cloud

Alesca Cloud is a web and smartphone-based operations and supply chain management system. The platform organizes all daily tasks, tracks all production, and provides insights through customizable dashboards.

Full Traceability

Supply Chain Transparency

Data Insights